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scooter style!!

Tonight was a very marvelous night.... kyle and scott and i went on the GrEaTesT adventure of our lives/ever/in the whole world. We were scared....frightened...scott ate poopoo...sweaty...kinda...ate a buncah ice cream.... and and and just chek it out!


we first ceran wrapped kyle in some celephane (spelling on both of those words?...we're tired!) and then we got all dressed up in our cool outfits to head on down to the scary path of dying unicorns eating death killing grass out of mailboxes!

then we decided... hey lets got to kims house! shes radd... and shes fab... and then we got mad...because we couldnt chill at her pad... and that made us sad! rhyming is the new fad...kinda.... but anyways kim wasnt home

then we decided to climb some stuff.... first i tried haning on some basketball hoop... but it almost crashed down adn killed us all because we realized that there was nothin in the base... so it started tipping and it scared me.... btu anyways... we climbed a lightpole instead because we are hipopononomouses ...sry i had to keep it G rated haha

then we scootered on down and found a secret trail and it was effin scary cuz it was all dark and by this time it was like 3 am and we were scared....once again... kinda... but we dont cry... we work out

then we came home and kyle and scott took a little nap because they are babies... oh but first we took the cerran wrap off of kyle. i played them a few lullabies and they tossed me a few pennies.

THEN! scott cerraned me n kyle together... it was very hot... literally

then scott was being so cool and didnt cut us loose so we had to try 2 get ourselves out... it took a while

then we got scott back and wrapped that fool up

then drew all over him... muahahahaha!


hope you all enjoy... this was so effin complicated and we're tired! haha

so peace out. A TOWN

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wow. i love the costumes, and all your facial expressions. thanks for keeping it g-rated for the kiddies stevie ! oh and that cerran wrap bonding seems a little iffy...
oh em gee wut a freakin kick-ass night wow we're hott lik litterally thet ceran wrap took off a few pounds tehe