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ivolves murders and smells

soo we had an adventure last night. no dirtays, not like that.

so we were hanging out at meagans house

when i looked to her and asked "did you hear something?"

and then we realized it was norma! so we rushed to the bedroom where she was contemplating suicide! jumping out ze window!!!!!!! (to the walls)

it scared us till our faces went pale

she stepped back and we relaxed...perhaps a little too much...

and again...too much

meagan was sitting, looking out the window

where she saw something

so we invited them in

and had some fun...

after they left, i heard another noise and was terribly frightened.

then the noise killed me in the kitchen with a knife.

and it turned out i wasnt dead, i just feel asleep but woke up when the timer went off cause our cake was done.

and then it was acting up

and smelled kinda funny

so we had to wrap him up. bad harold.

well then we sat in the dark. think

but then i saw myself on tv (please dont tell me i look like her)

and we were estatic.

but just then a flock of seagles came through the house...i was winded :/

but meagan got them out, she just picked up the whole damn house and out they went.

so then we went to sleep. ok the end.
moral of the story, dont mess with us cause we can fight anyone.

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