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oh boy i like adventures!
second post in this community.. rad.

here is the story of when susie, charlie, jen and brendan spent a day with me at my new hampshire house. weeeeeee!

brendan. jen. charlie. susie. and i. the only normal picture we took all day.

so we prepared to go wakeboarding while charles modeled on the back of my boat. ooh la laaaa

when we were out in the lake, someone spotted a creature moving towards us! it turned out to be a half drowning chocolate lab so we saved her. she promptly fell asleep while brendan was wakeboarding.

it is disputed whether her name was hailey or bailey. the owners turned out to have ridiculous irish accents so it could very well be the latter. no one really knows. tis a mystery!

brendan thinks wakeboarding is rad!

then jen saw something scary, susie saw something pretty, and the rest of us have lost our marbles.

then, "le tube" challenged us. we could not resist. the first victims.

needless to say, they survived. "le tube" is conquered, again.

we took an adventure to cuba and back with five people in one canoe. then we ate dinner.

brendan approves!!

then the thunder came rolling in so we ran like hell.

so we hung out in my room and told stories. jen took a nap.

and thumb wrestled! oh the intensity!!! i forget who won.

and then we said goodbye.
the end.
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